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Premium Subscribers

As an AANA member and premium subscriber, you will continue to have access to all available streaming content through September 30, 2021. Beginning in October 2021, you will receive:

  • Free access to all AANA Member Exclusives (20+ Class A CE per year)
  • A free digital pass to Annual Congress' extended experience (up to 30 Class A CE - $250 value)
  • Free access to the NEW "On the Go Learning" CE bundle (up to 15 Class A Credits - $40 value)

There will be no recurring or additional charges for the updates.

What does this mean for you?

Thank you for being part of the CRNA Knowledge Network. The AANA Professional Development team is always working to improve your online learning experience and has heard your suggestions!

You've asked for audio and written resources, and engaging content available on any device, so you can learn at your own pace and improve patient outcomes. To deliver on those needs, we're sunsetting our premium subscription service to create an improved CE bundles with "On the Go Learning" and a Congress Digital Pass.

Premium Subscription ending Sep 30, 2021

Basic Plan Subscribers

No changes to your account will occur with your plan. As an AANA member, you will continue to have free access to all AANA Member Exclusives 

  • Free access to all AANA Member Exclusives (20+ Class A CE per year)
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